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Do you want on-time and on-budget
Remodel, you can afford?

Something to consider before selecting a remodeling contractor: Does the contractor doing the estimate have the expertise to make an accurate assessment of the work that needs to be done? Without the proper knowledge of the structural, plumbing and electrical requirements involved in a remodeling project, mistakes can be made or expensive changes required once the job begins. Don't get surprised with a large change order for thousands of dollars more because your contractor did not do their job by accurately pricing your remodeling project before you signed the contract.

Why Us? With over a decade ofexperience and many happy customers, Holder Homes can guarantee to turn your dreams into reality and make your remodeling project a great experience.  Lance, the owner of Holder Homes, believes that good communication is the key to a successful project. Our expert staff understands Home Remodeling and Renovation inside and out. We pride ourselves in being highly professional, always making sure to stay within your budget and time-frame. We have many pictures throughout this site of work we have done and will hopefully give you some ideas and evidence of the quality of work you can expect from Holder Homes.

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