Medical Hardship Dwelling Permits

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Medical Hardship Dwelling Permits

Medical hardship is a wonderful tool to use if you have a situation of having a loved one, spouse or person that wants the freedom of their own personal space and the security and help of another near- by.

If you have found yourself or an acquaintance saying the words “medical hardship” and you’re not sure where to start Holder Homes LLC can help.

We have successfully helped clients navigate this process not only by providing the hardship space but through careful design, planning, and layout of existing structures.  We add value to the property so that the client’s investment is value added and becomes a benefit that can be passed on.

With Holder Homes LLC’s experience and history in the Josephine and Jackson county area and working with the same sub- contractors for over two decades, we are and have been your best and most reliable resource in Southern Oregon.  Our sub- contractors are clean, polite, and professional along with providing a working environment in the community for close to 25 years.  Their loyalty and willingness to take good care of our clients and warranty their work is unmatched.

At a time when you have a medical hardship project to complete you need a builder that has hands on experience in working through the paperwork, the permit process, and has had the opportunity to work with clients that had the same needs you had.  We are confidential and considerate to your specific needs.

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