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What is Land Plus?

How is it a benefit to you and how do you know you need Holder Homes LLC to be a part of your project? We guide you through the process and have the experience for all the questions.

How is my property zoned-can it be split or what can I build on it?

What kind of septic is it approved for-is the one it has suitable for the home I want to build?

Can I drill a well, were, and how is the water area any good- do I have city water? it on the property, how do I get it here what does it cost, is there enough to suit my house?

Road it permitted, do I have it, who can build me a road or cut my building site?

Who can install or repair my septic and where should it be placed on the property?

How and where should I place the home on my lot?

If you have questions like these, we know the answer to these and many more and would be glad to help. There are a lot of people that are looking to build on land they already have or buy a piece of land to develop a home site or split into lots for an investment.

The benefit Holder Homes LLC offers compared to most contractors is that we have 15 plus years of construction and real estate development. We have not only packaged bare land custom home projects for customers, but we privately have bought and developed private streets, subdivisions, city lot splits, and private street variances for special use. We have also consulted customers on large land purchase to make sure before they purchase a property that it will meet their requirements not only at the customer level but that will also meet city, state, and county requirements.

A lot of customers will become frustrated and tired and end up in a subdivion or track home thinking that was the only option. And that’s typically because they didn’t know where to go to find the answers they needed or the builder steered them in the easier path for him and not necacceraly to the customers really wants and needs...

How are we different unlike most builders is that we love the process of helping customers realize the full potential with regards to their properties and we have the experience and foresight to help you through the process. With years of experience in the Rogue Valley, we have earned and built trusted relationships at the city, county, and state level along with business relationships with pacific power, quest communications, and avista gas. We have been building in the area for over 60 years-there’s hardly a question can’t answer or a property we can’t find out about.

Before you enter into your next real state or building adventure, wouldn’t make sense to have a guide?  Holder Homes LLC has gone where you're trying to go.  We have the foresight and experience to get you there.

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