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Fee build...Why it's important to you and how you benefit by it.


While working for general contractors that charge cost plus, I watched them try to navigate that fine line of charging a customer every time the customer would try to improve their home by upgrading their amenities or improve the design. This makes no sense, why punish the home owner for building the best home they can because of the over reaching charges of cost plus. So what was my answer to this?  When starting Holder Homes, I decided I would always charge a flat rate.   Remove the question of money because some of the biggest concerns with customers are how much extra they are paying for their amenities. Holder Homes doesn’t make any money off the products you put in your home or off the subcontractor's labor.

How does this benefit you:

1. You know exactly what I will get paid to manage the building of your home.

2. By not having to over pay every time you upgrade a product in your home such as hardwood floors, appliances, lighting, granite, plumbing fixtures, you find a savings of an extra 10% to 30%, depending on the size of the project.

3. The relationship of trust is what we give.  Building a home is a huge relationship where the builder and customer are intertwined instantly in one of the most important and emotional undertakings of a person's life and the builder has to have the foresite and experience to navigate the customer through the process and have a clear vision to accomplish the goal set forth.  It's simple math-go through the home you have now. Add 10% to 20% to everything you see. If Holder Homes would have built your home that would be a check in your hand.       

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