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I moved to Oregon at age nine where my father's family had been in real estate sales and construction development scenes in the 50's.  At fifteen, I had an opportunity to work for some of the best craftsmen in the area.  Construction is one of the many things that is learned from the bottom up.  I carried lumber for nearly two years while being taught the basic fundamentals of construction.  I always had an eye for design and layout, with the construction fundamentals and a real estate development background, and it wasn't long before I had an opportunity to project manage for a very large developer in Medford, OR.

I spent the next five years building 55 to 70 homes a year in the Southern Oregon Market. I have been exposed to almost every construction situation that may or could come up up which gives me the foresight to confidently complete your project on time, on budget, and with high quality so that you not only get a home built, but it will have value.

Holder Homes has been building quality projects since 1989.  Some of our most impressive homes have been in the last 15 years where we had the pleasure to build high-quality, bountiful custom homes.  To us, every project is important-whether it be a fence for a friend or a custom built home for a retired couple.

Honestly, it's hard to beat what Holder Homes has to offer-over six decades of experience in the area in real estate and construction development, working with the best sub-contractors for close to twenty years and even some that my grandfather worked with in the 50's, contacts in the city and county departments where we have relationships that have been built over generations to help you navigate your project through the process efficiently and avoid unexpected expenses and hurdles.

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